Nazim Ullah Baig

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

Mr. Nazim Ullah Baig (Managing Director), Discovery Pakistan belongs to Hunza valley, a magnificent mountainous region and tourist destination located in Northern part of Pakistan.Being from the epitome of tourist’s destination he has a significant affiliation with the tourist activities since a decade. He has true passion for travelling and served as a mountain, aesthetic and cultural guide.

Nazim continued his passion of carrying out tourism activities and pursued his career in Tourism and hospitality from Creek wood community college in United States of America. After returning to homeland he established Discovery Pakistan with the strategic aim of providing the tourists insight of en-captivating sceneries and bewildering cultures in different provinces of Pakistan.

Nazim has attended world tourism exhibition in United Kingdom as an ambassador of Gilgit Baltistan tourism forum.Parallel with tourism activities, he participated in K2 cleanup project (altitude 7000m), for the environmental protection and cleanliness in collaboration with U.S embassy Islamabad, Pakistan. Nazim has also a joint venture with the students of Karakorum International University, Gilgit Baltistan to raise an awareness about environmental protection.

He has been working with some of the famous archaeologists, Dr. Samad and Dr. Muhammad Zaheer at community level to preserve and display the ancient objects along with the conservation of old archaeological sites in Pakistan.

Moreover, he has been engaged and closely affiliated with the journalists from Unite States, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom. The liaising with the international journalist’s aims to highlight prestigious historical, and cultural sites of Pakistan on print and social media platforms.

He is also anticipating to work with the research based Non-Profitable organizations to carry out the concord tours of Karatarpur and other holy sites of Sikh’s to enhance inter faith harmony and peace promotion among communities. He believes in raising a more tolerant and peace building generation by initiating a positive interaction among people of different faiths.

Mr. Nazim has direct concerns pertaining to environmental protection and melting glaciers. As Pakistan is one of the twenty countries in the world effected by the severe climate change. He is looking forward to initiate a joint venture with International Organizations to preserve the environment for our next generation.

Karim Ali United Kingdom

Mr Karim Kabir is a chartered accountant by profession and the manager tor operations in United Kingdom.
Kabir takes care of arranging tours for British people to Pakistan and rest of the countries.
Discovery Pakistan is pleased to have kabir as the Manager tour operations for UK has a life time familiarity with the walks of UK .

Mr Hiroshi Suzuki

Mr Hiroshi Suzuki is from Japan. He has a hunza organic food business in Tokyo. He is working with Discovery Pakistan. He brings Japaneses groups to pakistan. He has been travelling to pakistan from the last 18 years.

Meet Salman Khan in Thailand

Based is new addition to Discovery Pakistan,He organise tours of Discovery Pakistan in Thailand and he also Manages groups from Thailand to Pakistan. He has been there in Thailand for 07 years with great experience of culture and travelling around country.

Lily Zhang

Lily Zhang is Naxi ethnic minority people from China , she working with Discovery Pakstan and mainly works in Xintuo Ecotourism Company which is owned by local farm community outside of Lijiang city since 2002. She organize tours mostly in Yunnan Province which is famous by biodiversity and culture diversity and Tibet ,K2 B.C Trek (North face) and Pak-China Silk Route Tour (Sinkyang)
She visited Pakistan many times and she was with us last years for K2 Clean Up Project.
Contact information: Lily Zhang
Cell phone: +86 1 39 8882 6672

Bilal Hussain Dubai

Mr Bilal based in Dubai is the repetitive and manager tour operations of Discovery Pakistan in Dubai. With 15 years of experience in tour operations in Dubai. .He has a full command on  Arabic ,English and Urdu.

Why Mr Bilal Hussain? Discovery Pakistan is pleased to have Mr bilal as  the representative of Discovery Pakistan as his vast experience in relevant field as per his life time experience in the the runs of Dubai. From the sky scrapers to the desert dooms and from the roads to the deep seas he knows where is the best best place to be explored and where not to waste the time.

Dr.Abdul Samad

Dr.Abdul Samad is associated with Discovery Pakistan . Got most of his early education at Kohat. In 2004, he completed his Master of Arts degree in Archaeology from University of Peshawar and was awarded Gold Medal for achieving the highest marks in his class. In 2007, Samad joined Hazara University as Lecturer in Archaeology. In 2007, he was the recipient of the DAAD Fellowship for a Doctor of Philosophy degree at Freie University of Berlin – Germany. During his stay in Germany he did diplomas in Sanskrit (Berlin) and in World Heritage Studies (Cottbus). He completed his PhD in 2011 on the subject of Hinduism in Gandhara. He is also a recipient of a Fulbright postdoctoral fellowship In USA. He served Hazara University as Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Archaeology. He also served the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as Advisor on Archaeology and Museums in 2011. Since 2005, he has worked and led different national and international archaeological survey and excavation projectsmainly in collaboration with the British Council, US State Department, USA, University of Leicester UK, Wisconsin University Madison, USA, National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, South Korea, Italian Archaeological Mission for Pakistan, MS Baroda University Gujrat, India and Toronto Museum, Canada. These research projects were primarily in Peshawar, Dhera Ismail Khan, Swabi, Taxila, Swat, Chitral and Haripur districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. His primary research interests lies in the fields of Buddhist and Hindu mythology and cults, Tourism and Heritage Management and public outreach in Cultural Heritage. Since 2014 Dr Samad is serving as director archaeology and museums for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Where he is leading more than fifteen different projects I.e. Promotion of heritage tourism, conservation, archaeological excavations and explorations and rehabilitation of Museums throughout the province. Directorate of Archaeology And Museums
The opportunities provided to meet industry professionals and gain ‘real’ experience – this gave me a good indication of what I would be doing after I graduate. ( BS Archaeology Hazara University )

Mehnaz Perveen

She serves as an events coordinator in the Events department in Discovery Pakistan . She has an impeccable flare for events. she had always had an interest in the arts and in music, Mehnaz continues to showcase and share music and the arts in all corners of Pakistan and the world.
After studying media and journalism in Wisconsin during her CCI exchange year, Mehnaz came back to Pakistan to complete her master’s degree in journalism from Fatima Jinnah Women University. Quickly thereafter, she also became an active member of the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN), which provided a lot of opportunities to volunteer in her community.

Raja Nafees Khan

He is An expert hiker who is experienced for over 25 years In Strenuous hiking,

challenging mountain expeditions and mountain climbing.

he is working for Discovery Pakistanas an Adventure tourism expert from Gojalhunza .

Mr Bilal Qasim

Mr Bilal Qasim bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering Is associated with Discovery Pakistan since 2015 He has travelled and spend four seasons in Northern Pakistan.

He has also travelled for Location photography to Italy, Czech, Netherland,UAE and turkey .
He has mastered the skills of Indoor and outdoor photography with artificial and ambient light. He is well equipped with wide variety of lenses, techniques, angles and vantage points.

Sayed Gul Kalash

5 female tour guides are associated with Discovery Pakistan Gul Working for Discovery Pakistan as Tourist Guide has mastered in Archaeology. Residing in Chitral She is making headway to preserve her hometown’s critically endangered kalash culture and language in a remote region of Pakistan