The Mt Kailash is Holy Tour in Tibet. the most visited sacred destination in far-west in Tibet and Hindus believe Mt Kailash to be the abode of Lord Shiva. It is considered holy center of the universe among both Hindu and Buddhist religious group. Mt Kailash is not allowed for climbing anyone and it is just can be visited as KORA (circuit) 52 Km long walking round by visitors and devotees. According to legend, immortal Hindu Lord Shiva lives at Kailash where he had spent his time practicing yogic austerities, making joyous love with his divine companion Parbati and smoking sacred herb marijuana (ganja).

Mt Kailash Tour drawn to many pilgrimage groups from all over the world to have divine glimpse of Lord Shiva’s abode to attain release from the clutches of ignorance and delusion. Since then many holy people- saints and sages are also consider this pristine site most be visited to pay their attention to Lord Shiva. According to Buddhist scripture Lord Buddha had magically visited Kailash in the 5th century BC and they also believe the   Buddhism was entered in Tibet from Nepal and India, in the 7th century AD afterward. Mt Kailash Tour allow to visitors to wonder about magical natural rewards of around and colorful reflections of religious belief of people.

Mt Kailash Tour along covers circuit around the holy mountain-clockwise for the Buddhists, anti-clockwise for Bon adherents are known as a Kora or Parikrama (Circuit) and normally it takes three days.  Along the Mt Kailash Tour visitors take a short plunge in the nearby sacred site Manasarovar Lake. The word ‘manas’ means mind or consciousness sarovar means holy lake simply we call it Lake of Consciousness and Enlightenment which also signifies the spirit of Brahma creator of universe. The holy Manasarovar Lake looks incredibly fascinating on moonlit nights especially during the full moon, coveting areas of 88-km circumference, its depth is 90m and total area 320-sq-kms around. There is another neighboring lake which is called Rakshas Tal, also known as “Ravan Kund”, which covers is 122-km area places in the himalayan

Day 01 : Arrive in kathmandu

Day 02 : Sightseeing of Kathmandu Valley

Day 03 : Lhasa arrival

Day 04 : Full Day in Lhasa

Day 05 : Lhasa to Sigetse(3950m) 350 kms drive- 9 hrs (B)

Day 06 : Sigetse to Sage (4550m) 450 kms drive- 10 hrs (B,L,D)

Day 07 : Saga – Dongba -PRAYANG – MANSAROVAR (4550 m) 470 Kms drive 9 / 10 hrs (B,L,D)

Day 08 : The experience of being in the abode of God – B, L, D

Day 09 : Drive to Darchen and hike to Derapuk. B, L, D

Day 10 : Derapuk – Dolma – la Pass – Zuthulpuk

Day 11 : Zuthulpuk – Darchen – Saga

Day 12 : Sage to Sigetse 9 hours drive

Day 13 : Sigetse to Lhasa (6 hrs) (B) 350 KM. B.L.D

Day 14 : Lhasa to Kathmandu, B, L, D.

Day 15 : Transfer to Airport for Final Departure back to home.

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