Passu Sar is a mountain peak in the Batura Muztagh, a sub-range of the Karakorum mountain range, located in the Gilgit District of the Northern Areas of Pakistan, west of the Hunza Valley. It is the high point of the Passu massif, which also includes Passu Diar (or “Passu East”, “Pasu II”). The peak lies on the main ridge of the Batura Muztagh, about 7 km (4mi) east of Batura SAR.
Passu SAR was first climbed on August 7, 1994 by Max Wallner, Dirk Naumann, Ralf Lehmann, and Volker Wurnig.

There are many ICE walls and crevasses between BC to camp-1, especially closed to camp-1.
From ABC to camp-1 Professional and experienced climbers have to find the exact route and fix the rope for rest of the members. It takes time to find exact route among the ice walls and crevasses. Need at least 500 to 700m rope (depends the size of group), ice screws and snow tub and …. Climbers must be rope up. Advise to carry 2 ladders in case crevasses become bigger.


Name of Peak Passu Peak BC height 3600M
Other Names Passu Sar  Best Period Mid May August
Duration: 34 days First Ascent 1978
Elevation: 7284m (23897 ft) Location: Passu and Hasanabad
Day-01 Islamabad/Rawalpindi
Day-02 Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway 11-12hrs
 Day-03  Drive to Kariamad 6-7hrs
 Day-04  Kariambad- Attabad Lake by boat to Gulmit & drive to Borith Lake
 Day-05  Trek to Luzdhur 3660m
 Day-06  Trek to Patundas Pass 4100m
 Day-07  Trek to Passu Peak base camp
 Day-08/27  20 for climbing
 Day-28  Trek down to Luzdhur
 Day-29  Trek down to Passugar
 Day-30  Trek to down to Borith Lake and drive to Karimabad
 Day-31  Local visits in Karimabad
 Day-32  Drive to Besham on Karakourm highway 11-12hrs
 Day-33  Drive to Islamabad 6-7hrs
 Day-34  Transfer to Islamabad airport for international Flight

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